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It’s all about the patient, and the best, most healthy outcome.

“A truly caring team that helps make recovery as painless as possible”

“Smart Recovery Solutions not only has state of the art equipment, it has a truly caring Team that helps make recovery as painless as possible. I’m a military veteran, my shoulder injury occurred in the line of duty. This NICE unit was prescribed by my doctor and was a vital part of my recovery plan. Paula from SRS worked with me to understand the machine, and ensure I was getting proper care. SRS helped tremendously in my quick and complete recovery. I am truly blessed to have Smart Recovery Solutions as a part of my recovery team!” -ReAnna N., Military Veteran

“Effortless and programmable way to speed recovery”

“I used the fully-contained NICE Cold & Compression unit for my shoulder and knee replacements. It was an effortless and programmable way to speed recovery without hauling ice and a cooler. And the rental cost is roughly the cost of buying ice. Compression and cold are essential for quick recovery by reducing pain and swelling, the benefits of which I experienced firsthand. Smart Recovery Solutions delivered and demonstrated the system. The technical service staff also answered my questions promptly and clearly. The convenient UPS drop-off at the end of the rental period was the easy icing on the cake (no pun intended). Thank you, Smart Recovery Solutions!”

-Chance E.

“Excellent at minimizing pain and swelling”

“I had the good fortune to use the NICE ice compression unit after recent total knee replacement and knee meniscectomy. This device was extremely easy to use, comfortable, and excellent at minimizing pain and swelling, allowing me to regain range of motion very quickly. In addition, great customer service from Paula who delivered, demonstrated and followed-up on my recovery. The entire experience was very beneficial to me.”

– Jim H., Physical Therapy Professional

“Instrumental to my quick recovery and return to normal living”

“I’m a retired vascular nurse practitioner, and recently underwent a total knee replacement. I requested an ice compression device during my postoperative period. I was able to rent the NICE SMART RECOVERY SOLUTIONS unit. I cannot express enough how valuable it was to my recovery. No postoperative meds, and effective control of swelling. I find it very unfortunate that this device is not covered by insurance. It was instrumental to my quick recovery and return to normal living—dog walks, housework, stationary bike riding, and all physical therapy.”

– Carolyn R., Retired Nurse Practitioner

“Home service was outstanding”

“You guys are great. I have even raved about you to my Physical Therapists. What a difference the NICE Ice unit made for me. I was able to cut back on pain meds, it greatly reduced swelling, and I slept better. Your home service was outstanding and so helpful. Ted and Paula were wonderful, friendly and always going the extra mile for me. Best product, best people and best results. Thanks!”

-Carol B.