Smart Recovery Solutions

Cold & Compression Therapy

Cold & Compression Therapy

Clinically proven to help accelerate your recovery, outperforming standard ice therapy applications

  • Recover from surgery more rapidly
  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Reduce narcotics consumption (opioids)
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Helps you heal quicker and reach key physical therapy milestones faster
  • Shorten length of hospital stays
  • Quicker return to work and activities

Cold and Compression Therapy is a clinically proven treatment to aid in your recovery following orthopedic surgery or an injury.

The system consists of a computer controlled device and an anatomically designed wrap. The control unit pumps cold water and air in a closed loop to cool your treatment area and provide computer controlled compression.

Frozen peas are for dinner

You’ve just had major orthopedic surgery. Your surgeon trained and studied for years to achieve astounding proficiency. And now you’re going to slap a bag of cold vegetables on that vulnerable joint and hope for the best?


Cold & Compression Therapy is
by Workers’ Compensation Insurance,
& Personal Injury (Auto)


Smart recovery is as vital as gifted surgery

At SMART Recovery Solutions, we are just that: the intelligent provider of highly effective and efficient cold and compression recovery therapies. The combination of cold and compression has long been a well-established best practice for recovery from orthopedic repairs, replacements and other related surgeries. While long in standing, this technique is long overdue for an upgrade. SRS is that upgrade, and your way to faster, easier and better recovery.

Put the ice in your beverage of choice

SMART Recovery Solution advanced therapeutic devices require no ice. Which in turn means, no hobbling to the freezer with a dripping bag of slush falling through the Ace bandage swirled around your knee (or joint in question). No need to make or buy and haul the amount of ice needed to properly treat your condition. Our equipment is 100% set it and forget it. We make it easy to heal.